Bekah Martinez Says Her Second Pregnancy Is More 'Joyful' - Here's Why!

Bekah Martinez Says Her Second Pregnancy Is More 'Joyful' - Here's Why!
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As fans know, Bekah Martinez is currently expecting her second addition to the family and, as it turns out, this time around she is more ‘joyful’ than during her first pregnancy! The reality TV star took to social media on Thanksgiving to share the big news with her many followers and the post on her Instagram account was really heartwarming.

The former Bachelor contestant showed off her sonogram as she posed with her boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, and their cute daughter, Ruth Ray De La Luz Leonard, 9 months!

But while she is super happy and proud to be Ruth’s mom, Bekah previously admitted that the first pregnancy was not an easy experience to go through in the slightest!

Fortunately, she now tells her fans that this second time around, things are very different.

In a post that shows her holding her baby bump, the woman wrote that this pregnancy is so much easier than the first before she went on to talk about her relationship with her baby daddy and how worried they were that people would call them ‘irresponsible’ for getting pregnant so soon into their relationship.

She went on to dish that ‘Gray and I had met for the first time February 25th, 2018, and I became pregnant in May. Going through such a life-altering shift with someone you barely know is stressful, scary, and often filled with doubt. All that changed the moment Ruth was born. Truly. I know it's a cliche, but love blossomed so deeply between us the moment she took her first breath. That very night we danced together in the living room while she slept.’

However, ‘Now, with this baby, we can give ourselves permission to be joyful. We're not fearful. We're delighted. I can see it on Gray's face when he touches my belly and tell the baby he loves it. Maybe that's why this pregnancy is already zooming by. Time really does fly when you're having fun.’

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