Barack Obama Jokingly Says The Navy Seals Might Have To Be ‘Sent In’ The White House To Remove Donald Trump!

Barack Obama Jokingly Says The Navy Seals Might Have To Be ‘Sent In’ The White House To Remove Donald Trump!
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Barack Obama joked that a Navy Seal team might just be needed to remove Donald Trump from the White House as he still refuses to concede! As you might remember, the previous POTUS used the Navy Seals to get rid of Osama Bin Laden so he’s proven that he knows how to use them efficiently.

This comes after Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden.

Regardless, he has been refusing to accept the results, claiming widespread national voter fraud!

As a result, Barack Obama joked that if Trump still refuses to leave the White House by January 20, which is the inauguration date for the new president, the Navy Seals might just get involved!

While a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host wondered whether there was a place where Trump might hide at the White House so that he can’t be removed.

In response, Obama joked that ‘Well, I think we can send some navy seals in to dig him out.’

Sure enough, as mentioned before, during his presidency, Barack Obama famously used the Navy’s Seal Team Six to raid Osama bin Laden‘s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound back in 2011, taking the terrorist out.

Of course, Donald Trump is not a terrorist and such a strategy of getting him away from the White House is not going to be used.

However, people have indeed been wondering what will happen if he continues to refuse to concede, something which would be a first in the history of the United States.

Barack was on the talk show to promote his brand new memoir titled A Promised Land.

With that being said, he used this opportunity to mock Trump once more, when Jimmy suggested that the book must have been 701 pages on purpose since he knew the POTUS  would not pick up and read such a long tell all.


But Barack was quick to joke that ‘You know I don’t think it would have had to be 700 pages.’


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