Ariana Grande Writes 'Hate U All' To Recent Article Poking Fun At Her Long Sleeve Shirts

Ariana Grande Writes 'Hate U All' To Recent Article Poking Fun At Her Long Sleeve Shirts
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Paper Magazine recently unveiled a video making fun of Ariana Grande who famously loves to wear long-sleeved outfits. The outlet poked fun at the way in which long-sleeve shirts make it more difficult to wash one's hands properly.

According to The New York Post, they wrote above the video, "Ariana Grande washing her hands," along with a clip of someone attempting to clean their hands in the sink, but mostly wetting the sleeves of their shirt instead.

Paper wrote in the clip additionally, "using this iconic video as a friendly reminder to wash!" Ariana Grande later caught wind of the video and responded in turn with the comment, "hate u all." The video has since gotten around 490,000 views.

The video posted by Paper Magazine comes amid a plethora of videos on TikTok urging people to wash their hands regularly. The CDC has continuously suggested that the best way to avoid infection from the coronavirus is by washing one's hands as much as possible.

Ariana Grande's fashion choices have received significant attention before, including when a TikTok post went viral which showed how Ariana Grande might make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while wearing a sweatshirt that's too big.

Earlier today, Ariana Grande was in the news for a more serious reason, including when someone called the police and used her address, stating there had been a shooting there. TMZ was the first to report on the new phenomenon, "swatting," where a prankster phones the police and says that there was a shooting at someone's house when really there hasn't.

According to Charisse Van Horn, "swatting" has led to a few deaths where police have arrived at an individual's home, startled them, leading to a confrontation between themselves and authorities. TMZ claims it has actually happened to Ariana already before.

However, due to past experiences, police have reportedly become wise to it, specifically in Ariana Grande's case. Sources claim the authorities went to her home as mandated by the law, but knew there would be no crime there.

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