Ariana Grande Reacts To This ‘Bizzare’ Look-Alike In A Tik Tok Video And She's Not On Board!

Ariana Grande Reacts To This ‘Bizzare’ Look-Alike In A Tik Tok Video And She's Not On Board!
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Ariana Grande may be one of a kind but at the same time, she does have her fair share of look-alikes and it appears that she’s just found one that she even freaked out about! The singer just doesn’t seem to get over a Tik Tok video that featured a girl dressed lie Ari that was miming audio from her show on Nickelodeon, Sam and Cat.

The thing is, the doppelgänger was dressed like present Ariana, ponytail and all, while bringing back all the memories with the Cat voice in the background.

As you may remember, the short-lived series aired on the network from 2013 to 2014 so it was definitely a blast from the past!

The look-alike can be seen holding a doughnut squeaky toy as audio from one episode plays in the background, Ariana’s character saying: ‘It’s a dog toy that looks like a phone, isn’t it cool?’

The doppelgänger proceeded to lipsync the words alongside a few more from that scene.

This is pretty much what Tik Tok is so no surprises there but what really took everyone on the platform by surprise was just how much the other young woman looked like Ariana Grande!

It became so viral that it reached the real Ari as well!

However, she took to Twitter, where the video also made its way, to suggest that she was not a big fan of the choice of character to lipsync to.

The artist commented: ‘i just wonder whyyyy the cat voice / dialogue. i am sure she's the sweetest sweet sweetheart for real !! but it’s definitely bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao.’

A fan did not really believe her, however, and was not shy to tell her directly in a comment: ‘It’s funny because you’re lying.’

‘I-…. BE NICE [crying emoji,]’ responded Ariana.

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