Are Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Over?

Are Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Over?
Credit: Source: Sam Asghari/Instagram

Just two weeks ago, social media was up in arms that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari were over. Fans who love Brit and Sam were distraught that her number one man and great support had left her life, while those who aren't supportive of the relationship cheered the news. Is there any truth to the rumors? Are Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari officially over or is this just another rumor? Fortunately for Britney and Sam, this appears to be nothing but a rumor and in fact, it seems this couple is doing above and beyond in the healthy relationship department.

Britney and Sam aren't just doing well as a couple, but Britney is head over heels in love with Sam and recently took to Instagram to gush over how hot and sexy her man is. Not only is she singing his praises, but she wants the entire world to know just how much she loves him and how grateful and thankful she is to have Sam Asghari as her man.

Sam continually returns the favor by shouting his love for Britney to the world on his social media platforms.

Check out a video of Britney and Sam spotted around Los Angeles while social media was wild with speculation the couple had broken up.

Britney and Sam are quickly becoming one of the most favorited celebrity couples. For many, they have seen Sam stand by and support Britney when she has dealt with difficult, personal issues and he has shown his support and love to her. Britney in turn never passes up an opportunity to let the world know that her life is blessed because Sam is in it.

On Sunday, Britney shared a video on her Instagram account that went viral. In the video, Sam was cooking a delicious meal and Britney remarked that she couldn't believe she woke up every morning next to Sam. She called him hot and an incredible cook. He returned the favor by smiling at the camera then presented a rose he had hidden behind his back to his lady love.

Check out the sweet and romantic video below.

Rumors about Britney and Sam tend to run the gamut from their breakup to engagement and even secret wedding. When Britney and Sam walked the red carpet as a couple for the Once Upon A Time premiere,  fans noticed that Britney was wearing a ring on her finger. Britney was overrun with rumors that the two were engaged.

Whether Britney and Sam are secretly engaged is something only they know, but many fans love the way he makes her smile and are overjoyed that she has someone who truly loves her and makes her happy.

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