Anna Duggar - Fans Almost Can't Recognize Her After Losing A Lot Of Weight!

Anna Duggar - Fans Almost Can't Recognize Her After Losing A Lot Of Weight!
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Anna Duggar’s transformation took her fans by surprise! Social media almost didn’t recognize the Counting On star after seeing how much weight she’d lost!

The TLC celeb took to her platform to share a pic featuring her and her sister Jana, and it is safe to say that it got a lot of shocked reactions.

Everyone is just in awe at Anna’s unbelievable weight loss seeing her much slimmer frame.

Not too long ago, Anna actually documented her weight loss journey online and now, she showed off the results in a new snap with her sister Jana yesterday.

At this time, it is still unknown how many pounds the mom of five has managed to shed.

That being said, fans definitely noticed the change immediately!

Some followers thought it was all the walking she’s been doing that helped her shed some of the weight.

Here are a few of the reactions: ‘Anna looks like she’s slimmed down from all that walking. I should start the 50-mile challenge!’ / ‘Anna, you’re looking gorgeous! I can’t believe she has five kids.’ / ‘Anna that doesn’t even look like you! You look great.’ / ‘Anna, I had to do a double-take!’

So many compliments! As for the walking routine she committed to back in February, Anna said at the time that ‘Several of our friends made fitness New Year’s resolutions, started diets and decided to make some changes in the new year! I used the ‘busy mom’ excuse.’

She went on to say that ‘While I made a goal of reading through the Bible this year, I thought that I would skip the fitness goals. However, seeing the progress of my family and friends inspired me to join in making a physical change for 2019!’


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