Angelina Jolie To Fill The Void Left By Maddox With Another Child

Angelina Jolie To Fill The Void Left By Maddox With Another Child
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While some of Angelina Jolie’s fans were convinced that she was done adopting children for good, the recent departure of her son, Maddox, to South Korea for his studies seems to have hit her hard.

The actress has reportedly stated an intention to adopt yet another child, which will bring her total count up to seven if things go through smoothly.

According to sources close to Jolie, this is not the first time she has discussed this possibility, but sped things up after Maddox departed for college.

She has reportedly felt weak after Maddox moved out for school, and wanted to regain her strength by raising another child.

A source told Radar Online : “She wants it to happen within the next few months. This has been in the works for a while, but she put it on hold until after Maddox officially left home.”

The person went on to explain: “Because of her ties to so many countries, Angie has several options to choose from that won’t involve too much red tape or background screening. She’s doing this very methodically and still favors picking a child from an impoverished region she’s familiar with, like Syria or another part of the Middle East.”

The insider also revealed: “The plan is to have a child in her arms by the year’s end at the latest.”

Many of Jolie’s fans have praised her over the decision, pointing out that she is one of the few celebrities right now who takes concrete action instead of talking about how much they care for the world.

Jolie has been very active in adopting children and raising them together with ex-husband Brad Pitt, and they seem to be doing a great job so far, as there have been nothing but positive reports about their performance as parents.

Not many details about the upcoming new adoption are known yet, and Jolie herself seems to be mum on the topic.

It is possible that she is preparing to make the official announcement in a more special way, though nobody seems to know for sure what her intentions are right now, and how she is going to approach her new adoption if it is true, of course.

All rumors about Jolie should be taken with a grain of salt, but she seems to have such a big heart so it would not surprise anyone if she decides to raise another baby.

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