Alexis Skyy Asked Fans To Pray For Her Baby Who Had Surgery - Is Everything OK?

Alexis Skyy Asked Fans To Pray For Her Baby Who Had Surgery - Is Everything OK?
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Alexis Skyy worried her fans a lot a few hours ago when she asked them via Instagram to pray for her baby who was having surgery. You can see her message captured by The Shade Room below.

One fan told her 'I will pry for the baby.. But Alexis needs to spend more time and do Mommy things with her. All I see is Alexis is out partying. Drinking .. The Child is younger when is she ever home with her. That makes a different to..'

There were also haters in the comments section, but Alexis' fans came in her defense.

Someone said that 'People that don't believe in energy transfer are the people that tend to live miserably and don't understand why. The this ain't Africa statement was unnecessary, because this is Earth and the same thing happens.'

Now, Alexis posted another message, telling everyone that her baby if fine and the surgery went well.

One follower said that 'Y'all really don't need to put everything on social media but glad she okay.'

Someone else criticized Alexis and said: 'To be a good parent you must be Present in their lives. Yes that means sacrificing es so instead of being in Rob K. cooking for him be at home tending to your child @alexisskyy_ . Some people rather have silver and gold instead of being what their children need and that’s why the system is flooded with children and the jails are overcrowded crowded. A lot of Parents put themselves first and the children are left for others to raise. When did parents start teaching their daughters that being a Thot is the best way to getting a paycheck? I guess I’m old fashion and raised my daughter to be old fashion.'

A fan defended her and slammed the person who accused Alexis of neglecting her child:

'are you with yours seven days a week? You must be the worlds perfect mother. Or you can’t be a mother bc every mother is NEVER with their child seven days a week! You must work to provide right ?? And there is a plethora of jobs right? You sound ignorant af.'

Alexis has been making headlines lately a lot after she started dating Blac Chyna 's baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.

Chyna reportedly threw a drink on Rob ex-girlfriend,  Alexis Skyy .

Alexis then went to her house and filmed a live video on Instagram while she was asking Chyna to come out and fight her. The saga continues, and Alexis and Rob are currently still together.

We hope that her daughter is fine, regardless of what happened.

We know that back in December, Alexis addressed the problem. Baby Alaiya received speech, physical, and stimulation therapy which will do its best in order to make sure the little girl is able to live her best life.


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