Alexis Skyy Talks About Romance With Rob Kardashian: 'I Knew Him Before Blac Chyna'

Alexis Skyy Talks About Romance With Rob Kardashian: 'I Knew Him Before Blac Chyna'
Credit: Source: E!

Alexis Skyy is speaking out on the rumors that she's only involved with Rob Kardashian in order to spite his baby mama Blac Chyna. The 'Love and Hip Hop' star recently stated in an interview that she knew Rob before Blac Chyna was even in the picture.

During a sit down with Sirius XM, Alexis cleared things up for once and for all.

"Me and Rob have been friends for a while. Yeah, I didn't just reach out I've been knowing him for a long time. I knew him before her; before she was even in the picture.  Me and Rob been good friends it was nothing like that before so whatever's in her mind -- she needs to get out her mind. So whatever insecurities she has with me or whatever it is that's her own issue so I don't know what he tells her. I don't know. She just created a problem. I wasn't dealing with him when they were messing around or anything like that."


This comes after one of the top trending stories surrounded her and Rob's newfound romance that was revealed the day after she got in a spat with Blac Chyna.

The 'KUWK' star took to Twitter to tell his followers that he's known Alexis for five years after followers called him out for being petty.

Meanwhile, Rob's big sister, Kim Kardashian is worried about her little brother being taken advantage of.

A source told Hollywood Life: "Kim has been warning Rob to be careful not to spend too much time with Alexis and not to fall in love with her. Kim questions Alexis’s motives and would hate to see someone take advantage of her brother and his famous family for insincere reasons."

What do you think about Alexis Skyy's revelation about Rob? Do you think this is the real deal?


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