After Supporting Ukraine, Sean Penn And Ben Stiller Are Prohibited From Travelling To Russia

After Supporting Ukraine, Sean Penn And Ben Stiller Are Prohibited From Travelling To Russia
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According to a formal announcement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sean Penn and Ben Stiller are among the well-known figures who have been permanently barred from entering Russia.

In response to the Biden Administration's ongoing personal sanctions against Russian nationals, the statement lists 25 high-ranking officials, business and expert communities members, and figures from the arts and culture who are prohibited from entering Russia.

Along with other nations, the United States has imposed restrictions on several Russian leaders, including President Vladimir Putin, his adult daughters, and an accused lover, in response to the country's continuing assault on Ukraine.

The restrictions removed Putin and others from all U.S. financial systems and released any U.S.-based property they may have.

Senators Kyrsten Sinema, Richard Scott, Patrick Toomey Jr., and Mark Kelly, as well as Deputy Trade Ministers Matthew Alexrod, Don Graves, Thea Kandler, and Jeremy Pelter, as well as Minister of Commerce Gina Raimondo, is also listed as being prohibited from doing business with Russia, according to Variety. Penn and Stiller both stated that they favored Ukraine during the war.

To begin work on a film about political unrest that would document the incursion and war ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Penn, 61, went to Ukraine.

In April, Penn admitted to considering engaging in combat on behalf of Ukraine to Hollywood Authentic magazine.
He claimed at the time that if you've traveled to Ukraine, "conflict" has to have crossed your thoughts. And you begin to wonder: which century are we in? since I was recently at the Brentwood gas station and am considering using force against Russia. Exactly what is going on?

Penn discussed the atrocities the Ukrainian people are going through in a statement made available to PEOPLE in February.

The Russian president, Mr. Vladimir Putin, has already made a horrific error that has cost lives and shattered hearts. If he persists, he will likely have done the worst possible thing for all of humanity, the speaker claimed.

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