After Attacking Jackie Long And Ray J; Who Will 50 Cent Go After Next?

After Attacking Jackie Long And Ray J; Who Will 50 Cent Go After Next?
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50 Cent cannot get enough attention in the press lately, and the rapper has been trying hard to provoke people left and right for various reasons.

At this point, some of his fans claim to be embarrassed for him, although it does not seem like 50 has any intention of stopping anytime soon.

In any case, he has now started a new feud with Jackie Long, claiming that Long owes him money and should pay up soon.

Long fired back shortly after, claiming that he has already paid up everything he owed 50 and was confused over what the rapper was referring to.

50 then clarified that he wanted to get extra interest on the money, adding that he was personally responsible for saving Jackie’s life after Puff Daddy allegedly wanted him dead.

The exchange went on for some time, adding even more to the confusion of fans and celebrities like Ray J and Nick Cannon.

It seems like 50 Cent is determined to get as many people aggravated as he can right now, and he has been doing a fine job at it.

However, many commenters have questioned what exactly the rapper is hoping to achieve with these acts.

Some have speculated that these could be the symptoms of career issues, but that does not seem to be the case.

The rapper has an established reputation in the TV industry, with lots of successful works under his belt, and he doesn’t seem to be the type to need to generate controversy like that.

On the other hand, it is possible that things look different behind the scenes.

One commenter told 50 after the situation was resolved: "50 pulling extortion moves. “Hold this bag for me bruh. Say bruh, you took $3000 out my bag, and I want it back!” That’s extortion bruh lol. "

Another person added: "Soooooo you didn’t look in the bag.... but 3k ended up missing.... you ain’t know what her was talking bout but you paid him back🤔 so you stole 50 money😩 Jackie should’ve kept this story🤦🏽‍♀️."

A third follower chimed in: "50 a smart nigga! He named himself 50 cent cuz many years ago he promised his momma that any nigga, i repeat any nigga that owe 50 anything above 50 cents he gonna be on yo ass till you pay him. So for future reference if you ever wanna borrow money from 50 make sure you keep under 49 cents."

Do you think 50 Cent should stop behaving like this?

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