A$AP Rocky Is Charged With Assault And He's Facing Two Years In Jail

A$AP Rocky Is Charged With Assault And He's Facing Two Years In Jail
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As you probably know by now, A$AP Rocky has been sitting behind bars and waiting for changes in the Swedish jail for about two weeks now. It seems that things are finally happening and the news is not good for the rapper.

He has been detained in Sweden for a while now. More celebrities have created a petition online and are supporting the rapper.

Even President Donald Trump said he would ‘personally vouch’ for the release of A$AP Rocky from the Swedish jail.

The Shade Room is citing new info from TMZ and delivers the news.

'A$AP has now been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm stemming from the altercation we all saw on video,' TSR writes.

It seems that If he is convicted in a Swedish court, A$AP could spend two years behind bars.

According to the latest reports, the prosecutor reportedly says A$AP will remain incarcerated until his trial is complete.

Few people are showing sympathy for the rapper these days apart from some celebrities and the President.

Lil Duval believes this: 'Damn they bout to use him as an example to the rest of America 😔'

Somoene said, 'No sympathy for this CLOWN! He was bragging about how he lived in soho & Beverly Hills & couldn’t relate to the innocent blacks being killed .. but ummmm living in Beverly Hills don’t matter in Sweden, you still a negro.'

Another follower posted: 'Americans should learn that violence is only tolerated in America.'

Somoene else said: 'We don’t care. He said black lives don’t matter so, there you go.'

One commenter wrote: 'they are going to use him as an example of their disgust towards Tangerine Trump!'

What do you think about this case?

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