A$AP Rocky News: The Rapper Could Receive $2 Million From Swedish Government If He's Not Guilty

A$AP Rocky News: The Rapper Could Receive $2 Million From Swedish Government If He's Not Guilty
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Everyone knows that A$AP Rocky has been detained in Sweden for a while now. Mor celebrities have created a petition online and are supporting the rapper.

Even President Donald Trump said he would ‘personally vouch’ for the release of A$AP Rocky from the Swedish jail.

The rapper is being held captive for a Stockholm street fight near the ending of June.

A lot of people are criticizing those who support the rapper, accusing him of not being supportive towards people of color and saying that he deserves to do the time.

Recently,  Tyrese also had something to say about all this. It was also reported that the man who assaulted the rapper will not be charged by the Swedish prosecutors.

Now, The Shade Room brings new info on the case.

TSR cites reports from TMZ and notes that ASAP Rocky 'could be compensated more than $2 million for his time in jail.'

TSR notes that 'According to Swedish law, a person is permitted to seek reimbursement for any "coin" lost during their time in prison, if the defendant is found not guilty. This has been a major dispute during ASAP’s case.'

It's been also reported that the rapper's lawyers have been fighting to get Rocky the chance to be released on bail.

But it seems that the court system is not here for it.

'The prosecution requested that A$AP be held in jail for six weeks while they gather information to build their case. The prosecution has also deemed Rocky as a “flight risk,'' says TSR.

Someone said, 'He should be paid then seeing as how they already said they aren’t charging the aggressor in the situation and it’s on camera that they were being harassed and were assaulted first by the nut job.'

Another follower posted: 'Too bad they got the whole incident on tape,' while a person believes that 'That just mean they will find him guilty so they don’t have to pay.'

A commenter is not too supportive of Rocky: 'He is not going to help black people with that money. He going shopping in Beverly Hills 🙄😒'

Someone assumes that 'He’s gonna be found guilty tho. 🙄 The evidence is clear. He doesn’t have the right to physically assault someone unless in self-defense. The guys were being creepy & following them, but that doesn’t allow Rocky & crew to beat those guys up. 🙄😒 If anything, Rocky is going to face a civil case for this too.'

What's your opinion on Rocky's case?

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