50 Cent Reveals The Name Of The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Ashanti's Younger Sister, Shia Douglas, In This Video

50 Cent Reveals The Name Of The Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Ashanti's Younger Sister, Shia Douglas, In This Video
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According to a recent Instagram post, even the ongoing pandemic cannot stop Ashanti and her family from having a lovely time when there is a special occasion.

The R&B icon got together with her mother, Tina Douglas, and a couple of close people to celebrate the 31st birthday of her younger sister, Kenashia Douglas, also known as Shia.

The birthday girl took to Instagram to reach out for her fans on her special day, as she shared a touching video clip that was dedicated to her life.

The footage, which was also reposted by Ashanti and Tina, revealed some very personal scenes of Shia's life, beginning from her childhood to her entering into adulthood.

It appears that Kenashia reportedly tried to include all the important moments of her life in the clip -- the good ones and the sad ones -- as her followers could see images from her pregnancy, a miscarriage, and her wedding proposal, while the identity of her partner was kept hidden.

It was also revealed that she was abused -- she had a black eye, a bloody face with her front teeth broken. In the footage, fans could also see scenes of Shia laughing alongside Ashanti, as well as her spending time with their mother.

In the narrative, which is led by Shia herself, she touches on some very personal topics, as she states: "Our experience begins to shape our realities. Here, learn about the pain, isolation, sacrifice and heartache" and continues with "These experiences though, no matter how bad, how painful, how ugly, how dark, how beautiful, are all threads that together wove our story and shaped our purpose."

Not much is known about Shia's personal life, as she usually avoids public attention. Ashanti's younger sister made headlines back in 2016 when her engagement to Slowbucks was announced.

50 Cent, who is famous for his trolling, has decided to be serious for a minute and took to Instagram to slam his hip hop rival, Slowbucks, for beating Ashanti’s sister.

While Shia never mentioned Slowbucks’s name, 50 Cent decided to post a video to let everyone know who the abuser is.

The Power star called out Slowbucks and added: “Yo, what’s wrong with you boy, hitting that girl like that.”

Is 50 wrong for doing this?

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Posted on Dec 12, 2021 7:09 PM PST