Halle Berry Sparks Romance Rumors After Flirting With One The Most Famous Men At The Moment

Halle Berry Sparks Romance Rumors After Flirting With One The Most Famous Men At The Moment
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A lot of celebrities took to social media to cheer their fans during the crisis period of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and DJ D-Nice was no exception to this rule, as the favorite DJ of the stars used Instagram for his platform for a party room ever since the self-isolation began.

The virtual party attracted a lot of famous people such as Gabrielle Union and the former First Family, but the most noticeable guest of all was Halle Berry, and as much as her fans were excited to see her joining the session, it seemed the host could not get enough of her as well.

D-Nice and the Academy Award winner appeared to be very intrigued with each other throughout the evening of the virtual party and exchanged a lot of provocative remarks.

At one point, the 53-year-old actress commented in the chat that she could stay online during the whole night and later wrote: "Already got my drank and feeling okay."

Eventually, Berry's intentions became even more obvious, as she typed, "I love you," and requested that the DJ contacted her.

As a result, fans of the popular entertainer and the actress were very excited at the thought of the two celebrities dating, and the hashtag "BerryNice" has been gaining popularity ever since.

However, DJ D-Nice addressed the rumors of his romance with Berry in a recent statement, as he claimed that the two of them were not romantically involved at the moment, and were just friends, who were having fun by flirting lightly.

He said: "No Zoom dates. I'm not that fortunate yet. Hopefully one day. You know what, we were just having fun. Halle is my friend, and we were just having fun with it, like, it could be light flirting, but nothing serious. We really are just having fun with it."

He went on to say: "First of all, the fact that '#BerryNice' was trending at No. 4 on Twitter is just like, what world world do we living in right now. 'Berry-Nice' — I love it!"

He added: "It was one of my favorite sets. Because normally when I'm DJ-ing, I'm paying attention to body language and I'm watching you dance. So, if you're not feeling it, you could potentially dictate the direction I'm going in. Being that there was no one here and I can't see a soul, I just played from my heart. And, the fact that I played from my heart and it hit people is like this is what I should've been doing for the longest. I should've been playing that way and giving people 100 percent of who I am."

Those two know how to have fun.

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