Phaedra Parks Has A Message For Wisconsin: 'Shame!'

Phaedra Parks Has A Message For Wisconsin: 'Shame!'
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Phaedra Parks posted a message for the authorities in Wisconsin for making people go out and risk their lives in order to exercise their right to vote. Check out her message below and see fans' reactions.

'#Shame on #wisconsin #praying for everyone how risked their #health to exercise their #right to #vote #staywoke ✊🏽💯' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'This whole thing was started so we don’t get out to vote! Trump will do absolutely anything to win. Most African Americans will vote against him so look who’s dying!'

A follower said: 'I’m currently living in Wisconsin, and there’s no way I’d risk my health, or anyone else’s,' someone else posted this: 'No it's a sign of time be ready..we dont wen he's coming back....pass the word.'

One other follower posted: 'Shame on Republicans, not WI. They were the ones who sat, safe, behind their computer screens and agreed we had to risk our safety in order to vote.'

Another commenter said: 'Stop blaming Wisconsin! It’s the Republicans who sabotaged them and forced them into this unfair position in order to help Trump! That’s what’s disgusting!'

One fan wrote: 'Smh. The right to vote is important but stopping the spread of this pandemic is more important right now.'

A person believes that 'It's all political here. Voter suppression at work. All they do here is think up ways to keep democrats from the polls.'

Phaedra made headlines a while ago for another reason. She posted a video for a Tik Tok challenge in which she’s showing off her toned body, flaunting her curves for the camera.

Her two boys are featured in the clip as well, and fans couldn’t ask for more. People were praising her in the comments like there's no tomorrow.

Phaedra has been advising her fans to remain at home during this global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

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