50 Cent Caught His Girlfriend, Cuban Link (Jamira Haines), Doing This While Cooking For Him In New Video

50 Cent Caught His Girlfriend, Cuban Link (Jamira Haines), Doing This While Cooking For Him In New Video
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50 Cent is easily one of the most prominent stars on Instagram right now.

And the Power actor has not kept quiet through the years, taking various opportunities to take shots at other celebrities, poking fun at them, and even trolling them from time to time.

So it only seems fitting that his current love, Cuban Link (Jamira Haines), has found her way into his Instagram account, and has started to wreak havoc on it, much to the amusement of 50's followers.

As can be expected, the rapper was initially not very happy about the situation himself, but he took it in good sport, and it is obvious that he has found the one, looking at the way he has been interacting with his partner.

Of course, Cuban Link did not post anything outright malicious, but rather just sent out a few snaps of herself to 50's fans, many of whom were quick to comment on the photos, thinking that they were being shared by 50 himself.

At some point, though, people started getting suspicious about the rapper's activities on the social media platform, and some even assumed that he might have gotten hacked.

While that was not the case, in the end, some of 50's fans were already discussing the situation from that exact perspective.

Thankfully, the rapper eventually stepped in to explain what was going on, and clarified that nothing malicious had happened between him and his partner.

Hopefully, fans will get to see more of those moments in the future, as they have been hilarious so far.

Now that 50 has taken back his account, he is going after his lady love with a cute video where she is cooking for him and eating from the pot.

One fan said this: "👀what you doing, making me something to eat. 🙏🏿please, God, let this food taste good.🤦‍♂️#abcforlife #starz #Fox I'm lit 🎥."

This person stated: "I didn’t say she couldn’t. But she should have someone teach her. Lol. Get her pregnant, bro. 🙄🤣Too cute...she brings out the if we don't see I love it.❤️"

This follower shared: "😍Cook ya man some food boo‼️You are wearing that rono suit tonight. 😂😂"

Another social media user wrote: "He’s finally in love 😍 🙌🏾🙌🏾She's so beautiful 😍God bless u guys."

A fifth comment read: "Too cute...she brings out the fif we don't see I love it❤️."

50 seems in a very happy place.

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