YG Was Caught Kissing Another Woman - He Blames It On The Alcohol And Says He's Sorry For Hurting Kehlani

YG Was Caught Kissing Another Woman - He Blames It On The Alcohol And Says He's Sorry For Hurting Kehlani
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The Shade Room reported not too long ago that YG and Kehlani are together, but it seems that there are already problems in paradise. The man was filmed with another woman, and it seems that he regrets everything now.

It's been reported by TSR that YG was spotted 'trying to get at a girl outside of Poppy Night club in Los Angeles.'

TSR reported that it seems this was nothing more than a fun out with his crew, but at one point, 'YG hopped in a fire red lambo but right before he took off, our video shows he’s talking to a girl who is crouching down for a cute lil’ chit chat.'

He also seems to lift the door for a more personal talk.

After the conversation, the girl's friend can be heard saying, 'wrap this s*it up', and it seems that this is precisely what the girl did. Both women left, and YG also left with his squad.

TSR noted that the timing of all this is pretty interesting because Kehlani shared a photo of the two of them together these days.

YG's team reported talked to TSR, and they said the following:

'He was drunk, got carried away, and it was very regretful for putting himself in that situation and hurting Kehlani. He has no romantic connection to the girl, just a drunken moment carried away.'

Someone commented: 'That escalated quickly. No matter if you’re under the influence OR NOT! A true man is going to respect you even when you’re not around. PERIOD.'

A follower posted: 'If you turned your head to the side and squint they look a like.....I can see how he got confused.'

Someone else wrote: 'Prime example why you can’t claim anyone publicly. The minute you do they start acting stupid.'

One commenter said: 'I’ve been drunk and the only thing I did was fall asleep in a plate of food at the Waffle House .. I’ve never kissed anyone when I was in a whole relationship.'

What do you think about this mess?

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