YFN Lucci Slams Reginae Carter After She Calls Him A Clown - Fans Assume They Are Done For Good This Time

YFN Lucci Slams Reginae Carter After She Calls Him A Clown - Fans Assume They Are Done For Good This Time
Credit: BET

As you all may know by now, there's drama in the house again. This time, the drama hit Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci's relationship once more, and these two might be over for good this time.

Just to refresh your memory, the young rapper shared some clips from a party that took place the other weekend which were definitely promoting degrading sexual behavior from women.

Nae seems to have broken up with Lucci and fans really hope that this time, it’s for good.

Even her mom, Toya Wright intervened and posted something related to the nasty situation.

Anyway, things have not stopped there.

Lucci left an emoji under a clip that was showing a woman suggestively making gestures with a cucumber in her mouth, and Nae said 'you're a clown.'

Lucci responded and tweeted this: 'Which is worse me commenting or me getting in her dm tyrna get some of dat s–t huh?'


Social media users continue to bash Lucci and beg Nae not to go back to him ever again.

It also seems that Reginae has deleted everything that has to do with Lucci from her social media and she also unfollowed him on IG.

Fans took this as a clear sign that she's finally out of this toxic relationship and they hope that she can move on with her life and find someone who respects and treasures her as they should.

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  • Carla
    Carla Jul 5, 2019 9:39 AM PDT

    Nae I pray that first of all, you stay off these public sites and get yourself together and listen to your mother. Get to know who you are first of all, and secondly write your plans for you future goals and accomplish them. Always love yourself first, love will come when God want it to come. Some Women think they need a man to complete them, but if you're not happy and loving yourself you are in trouble. You don't want no man with a bunch of kids anyway. Ladies set your standards high and stop having baby after baby with no education and waiting for a check every month. It's sad to see so many young women today with a bunch of kids and by themselves at the bus stop or walking !!! Where is your man then, it's so embarrassing. Start loving yourselves and know where you are going in life and want better for yourself. These young guys today don't brush their teeth, clothes are dirty, hair dirty no direction but they think they are fly with their pants hanging down. I would never want a guy like that ever. I want someone with pride, that's established and knows what they want and they know who they are. Keep your business to yourself and dress with class. I'm also tired of seeing the big girls with crop tops on and their stomach hanging out. Come on no one wants to see a big woman with her stomach hanging out. Ladies start respecting and loving on yourselves, I don't see too much of that. And stop talking about you want someone to love you, LOVE YOURSELF if you never had love before how is it that you think a man who is using you is loving you?? Set your standards high ladies. Get in school and get a great job and be able to provide for yourself and stop having babies. Welfare is not taking care of these kids today, enjoy life and keep your legs closed ladies.

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