T.I.'s Fans Ask The Rapper Why He Hasn't Said Anything About The Latest Chris Brown Drama

T.I.'s Fans Ask The Rapper Why He Hasn't Said Anything About The Latest Chris Brown Drama
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T.I. is posting political-related issues on his social media account, and his fans are curious about something else. They want to know where he stands regarding what happened with Chris Brown and how he bashed women lately.

Just in case you missed this, Chris seems to have a problem with the ladies who don’t have nice hair and he was not afraid to say this out loud on social media.

He got a lot of backlash for dissing on ‘his own kind’ and now he’s back, challenging his haters.

In a video, he asks haters to send him photos so that he can see what they look like. He was slammed a lot for his attitude towards women.

Anyway, here's Tip's latest post on his IG account:

'We have yet another H Town Legend running for city council in his respective community. THIS IS DOPE!!! @williedlive I’m riding with you!!! District B It’s time to DO THE RIGHT THING!!!! #USorELSE,' Tip captioned his post.

People praised him but there were also other followers who wanted top know Tip's opinion regarding Chris Brown.

For instance, someone posted: 'okay 🤔. i’m trying to figure out why you haven’t spoken out about Chris Brown and his recent antics? you canceled Kodak Black eXpEdITiOuSlY for his comments about being the best man he can be for Lauren London, but I haven’t seen you even like a tweet defending black women. I know that all of your daughters are light-skinned & will never have their heartbroken by colorism, but I am utterly flabbergasted and disappointed that you haven’t at least said something. could it be because you share the same views?'

Someone else said: 'Boooo you want Trump out of office due to false claims your party makes up, but you want to vote in a known felon? Man, you guys are all jokes! 🤪🤪🤪'

Tip did not address the issue involving Chris so far.

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  • Carla
    Carla Jul 5, 2019 7:06 AM PDT

    People, people, people some times you can't help everybody. I do believe that TIP just didn't want to be ignorant or address an ignorant comment. He don't need to comment on everything people come on. Sometimes we just need to pray for one another and that's it. Some people you can't help, so you do the next best thing and pray. Chris I believe don't know who he is and sounds like a confused young man. For real we all have our types so just keep it moving. Why is everyone so upset, I have certain type of guys that I like. He just said what he like out loud. that's his choice though. Alot of men feel the same way but just won't say it. That's his choice. Just like a lot of older men mess with teenage girls but won't say it out loud. We are all different in our own way. It's not the end of the world! Some people accept any and every type but alot of folk have a preference !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal Evans
    Crystal Evans Jul 4, 2019 12:36 PM PDT

    They're soooo cute where did you get them from.

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