Reginae Carter Has Lost A Ton Of Weight And Fans Couldn't Be Happier For Her

Reginae Carter Has Lost A Ton Of Weight And Fans Couldn't Be Happier For Her
Credit: Paras Griffin

Reginae Carter is an actress and a model and is also Lil Wayne's daughter. She's a rising star not just because of her father but because she's one of the most talented people in this generation. And just like any other committed person, Reginae Carter made it her goal to lose weight .

Reginae Carter came true to her word. On July 11, she shared a compilation of her commitment to sticking to losing weight. In the video, she was seen doing squats and crunches alongside many other exercises. The music for the video "Drop" by Fatman Scoop, Timberland, and Magoo.

She gave fans a front and side view after every workout so they could see her progress. Alongside the video, she also credited the people she believed helped her achieve her goal such as the Instagram accounts @fittoberoyal, @trapfit_dj, and many more.

As fans came across the video, the comments filled with people telling Reginae how proud of her they were. Many fans were so happy to see her healthy and living her best life. However, some fans even commented that they had found no issue in how she was before and she looked beautiful either way.

Many fans were seriously impressed with the way that Reginae has lost weight. Many fans commented that she was in serious grind mode and that nothing was stopping her from achieving her goals. Reginae even inspired many people to take their weight loss journey seriously. Many of her fans commented that she had motivated them to get healthy as well.

Fans were incredibly happy for Reginae and her progress. It's understood that losing weight is not always an easy thing to accomplish so Reginae doing it with determination genuinely made fans feel like they could do anything. Reginae has gotten even more fans due to her routine.


Although some fans are worried about Reginae going over the top, she seems to be doing fine as is. Reginae has become an icon for many people and tons of people are ecstatic about her transformation, especially since she's doing it for herself.

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