Reginae Carter's Fans Tell Her To Cut Her Losses And Stay Away From YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter's Fans Tell Her To Cut Her Losses And Stay Away From YFN Lucci
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By the look of things, Reginae Carter might be over with YFN Lucci once again. If you're not aware of what happened this time, well, the young rapper shared some clips from a party that took place the other weekend which were definitely promoting degrading sexual behavior from women.

This might have been the last drop for Nae who broke up with Lucci and fans really hope that this time, it’s for good.

Even her mom, Toya Wright intervened and posted something related to the nasty situation.

Nae herself posted a clip in which she addresses what just happened, and she completely bashes such behavior coming from young women. It's about the cucumber challenge, and it's best not to get into what this means once again.

Anyway, Nae's social media account is flooded with people telling her to never go back to Lucci after being disrespected by him so many times.

Someone said: 'If he cared about you genuinely, he wouldn’t constantly keep embarrassing you! He’s too old for that dumb shit! Know your worth. If he’s doing stuff like this now, you in for a life of heartache. Cut your losses baby! #YouDeserveTheWorld and he ain’t it.💚'

A follower posted: 'Girl leave that man alone. He doesn’t want you. He keeps disrespecting you in public he’s not for you. Next !!'

One of Nae's fans said: 'Girl after watching his insta story you better NEVER take him back! You young w no kids! He playing with you now &’ that ain’t wassup!'

Somoene wrote: 'If you don’t listen to these red flags and your mom you are going to be in a worse situation. You don’t want to be tied to ( 👶🏾) someone for the rest of your life when you have the chance now to go on about your business. He’s not the only man out there. 🚪 🏃🏾‍♀️ 💨'

Do you think that Nae should give the man another chance or not?

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    CARLA Jul 3, 2019 2:30 PM PDT

    Reginae please stop even getting on the internet, twitter and just live your best life. Keeping a low profile is what you need. I never knew Lauren London had two kids until Nippsy Hussle passed. If you stop posting things about your personal life and keep under the radar you will love yourself more. Everything is not for everybody and everybody don't need to know, see or hear everything you go through. Listen to your mom because she carries herself real classy. Stop arguing with her because she has your best interest all day every day. Keep your business to yourself and don't tell no one who you are dating, where you are living or even what you may go through. It saddens me that people are putting things on facebook, twitter and all that that no one should even see or know about. Stop sharing anything about your personal life and get to know who you are and know what you really want out of life. Study you right now you are so young. Your weight lost is wonderful you look greatttttt !!!!!!!!

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