Toya Wright Attended Clearence Nero’s 6th Annual Youth Literary & Art Conference

Toya Wright Attended Clearence Nero’s 6th Annual Youth Literary & Art Conference
Credit: BET

Toya Wright is here for everyone who supports the young people today. She recently attended an important event and let her fans know about this. Check out her post that she shared on social media below.

Toya wrote: 'I really enjoyed being apart of Clearence Nero’s 6th annual youth literary & art conference. I love what he’s doing for the youth. Thanks for having me. 💚'

Someone commented: 'Toya put her ppl on not her friends lol tiny put her friends on I guess whoever needs it💪💪💪 good look ladies!!! Umma kick it with you'll one day😂😩🙌'

Another follower said: 'I met Lance at the Harvey Gantt Art Museum. He is a really nice guy!'

One commenter posted: 'Awwww Lance was on my flight last night, I should have come to the event today... black excellence💙🙏🏾'

Other than this, Toya recently had the time of her life with Robert Rushing.

The mother of cute Reigny explained that  Robert surprised her on a date night  and took her on a romantic getaway, and she was beyond thrilled.

She shared a photo which she captioned with ‘bae,’ and the couple looks great. This is where fans started to flood the comments section with praises for Robert, telling Toya to marry the man.

He has been really great with Toya, and her fans started to love him for quite a while now.

They're all rooting for the couple and telling Toya that she should get married already because it's more than obvious that they are made for one another.

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