Woman Denies Being Engaged To Hassan Jameel After Rihanna Navy Drags Her As 'Becky' On Social Media

Woman Denies Being Engaged To Hassan Jameel After Rihanna Navy Drags Her As 'Becky' On Social Media
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Rihanna and Hassan Jameel have reportedly called it quits. Just a few weeks after the news was revealed, a rumor spread that a blonde mystery woman was the Saudi billionaire's new fiance.

A blonde named Nicole Watson was rumored to have agreed to marry Rih's ex in pictures that showed her name and his name tagged in photos that display balloons spelling out 'Bride to Be' and a cake that read 'She Said Yes.'

The photos somehow made its way around social media and fell into the lap of the Rihanna Navy who renamed her 'Becky' and dragged her in comments and tweets.

On her latest Instagram photo, one commentator wrote: 'I'd turn these comments off if I were you Piper.... they finna be on yo a**!!! S*** you're apart of the Navy, so you know.'

Another added: 'You’ll never be like Rih and your old as f*** Becky.'


Many of the pop star's fans just wrote snakes in the comment section.

After receiving hate, Nicole cleared up the rumors by denying that she's ever met Hassan.

'Wow, being accused of breaking up the relationship of and getting engaged to someone I've never met is pretty extreme. Do not believe everything you read on some weird post.'


That's when some of the singer's followers came to her rescue.

This one commented: 'y’all making us look bad 😐 Rihanna isn’t proud of y’all. It’s crazy how fake stories are believed nowadays. Y’all need to leave this woman alone'

Another added: 'I'm so sorry you have to go through this ma'am. I'm sincerely hoping you gain your peace and privacy back.'

This fan gave her advice that read: 'Shut off your comments. People will keep thinking that that post was real.'

As of now, Nicole's profile is still public.

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