For The Holidays, You May Once Again Purchase Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Fragrance

For The Holidays, You May Once Again Purchase Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Fragrance
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Since Rihanna introduced her debut fragrance, Fenty Eau de Parfum ($140), in 2021, demand for the scent has been so high that it has already been depleted not once but repeatedly.

But right now, in addition to refilling the scent, the Bad Gal has launched a limited-edition Fenty scarf looped around the characteristic amber-colored bottle as part of a unique gift box that costs $140.

The fragrance, which was created by Rihanna and was influenced by the places she has been, is a mix of sweet and spicy aromas. Its key components include magnolia, musk, tangerine, and Bulgarian rose.

The Love on the Brain singer once stated during a media briefing that she desired a rich color that genuinely reflected both genders from all walks of life, which is another reason why the color of the brand's bottles is crucial.

She continued by saying that brown was her favorite hue at the moment. I consider myself to be brown. Brown is the color of my ancestry. If I want to create a scent that is a true reflection of who I am, then the shape of the bottle itself needs to be congruent with that. As a result, I wanted to find something brown that was also transparent so that you could see the liquid within and the scent you would soon be experiencing.

At this point, she chose the same color for both of the scarves, which serve the dual purpose of being both gift wrap and an accessory. It would appear that the billionaire Bad Gal will have a busy holiday season ahead of her, what with the release of Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 in November, which is expected to feature a celebrity lineup, and her much-anticipated performance at the Super Bowl halftime in February.

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