Wilmer Valderrama Steps Out With Model Amanda Pacheco What Does Demi Lovato Think Of Her Ex’s New Romance?

Wilmer Valderrama Steps Out With Model Amanda Pacheco What Does Demi Lovato Think Of Her Ex’s New Romance?
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Wilmer Valderrama has been casually dating model Amanda Pacheco.

As his new romance heats up, fans can't help but wonder what his ex-girlfriend thinks of Valderrama's new lady love. After all, even Lovato's mom was recently hopeful the exes would find their way back together, especially since he helped the singer through her relapse.

US Weekly was first to spot the model and NCIS star stepping out together at the end of April, which is the same time they started to follow each other on Instagram. Since reports broke they were dating, Pacheco and Valderrama have been spotted spending a lot of time together in Los Angeles, most recently hitting up a camera store for equipment.

Neither the 39-year-old actor nor the 28-year-old model has commented on their relationship status. Even though they follow each other on social media, they are not Instagram official as neither has posted a photo of them together. They have not made an appearance on each other’s Instagram pages either.

Along with being a beautiful model, Pacheco is also an avid lover of the sea. Her social media page describes her as a divemaster, who belongs either in the deep sea or at the top of the tress. She loves the outdoors as much as she does the sea, making her an outdoorsy kind of gal.

As Valderrama moves on with a new lady love, Lovato is reportedly not only okay with the romance, but she is supportive of it as well.

"Demi knows about Amanda and is being equally as supportive as Wilmer has been of her recent relationships," shared an unnamed source to Us Weekly .

Lovato and the That 70's Show hunk have been on and off since their six-year romance went bust in 2016. They are quite entangled in each other's lives, including being close to each other's families. Plus, Valderrama has been by the former Disney star's side as she struggles with addiction.

Fans and her mom, Dianna De La Garza, are continually rooting for Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama to find their way back together. However, right now the actor only has eyes for model Amanda Pacheco. The two are spending a lot more time together these days.

What are your thoughts on Valderrama's new romance? Are you surprised he started dating someone new considering the amount of time he has recently spent with Lovato?


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