Wendy Williams Says She Saw Lindsay Lohan With A 'White Powder' While Discussing Lea Michele Drama

Wendy Williams Says She Saw Lindsay Lohan With A 'White Powder' While Discussing Lea Michele Drama
Credit: Source: Wendy Show

Wendy Williams may be fighting her own battle right now but that doesn't stop her from being the cutthroat tea spiller that she has always been. During today's 'Hot Topics' session, Wendy recalled witnessing Lindsay Lohan with a 'white powder.'

The topic came up while Williams was discussing the shade Lindsay threw at Lea Michelle for nabbing the on-stage role as Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid.' Wendy started by explaining that Lilo has always put out into the universe that she wanted to be the little mermaid.

Wendy thinks that the reason they chose the 'Glee' alum and not the 'Mean Girls' actress is because it's too soon after Lindsay's late 00's breakdown. You may recall that the beach club owner went through a few years of irresponsible choices and drug use all under the public eye.

She then told a story about how she was at an event with her son (during the time Lindsay was going through her rough patch) and she saw her with a white powder. Wendy went on to say that she told her son that the white substance was baby powder.

"This was during Lindsay's bad time when she kept getting up and going to the bathroom. And let me tell you something, it wasn't just a little bit of powder. So much so, that when she stood up and walked there were footprints. We've all had a past and we all deserve to make a new life that's good for ourselves but I don't think she's ready for the Hollywood Bowl."

The 54-year-old went on to say that Lindsay could instead play Ariel in the movie version where she could get away with being late to set and a little irresponsible.

Since her bad girl phase, Lindsay has moved to Europe where she has built a new life as a club owner and hospitality entrepreneur.

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