Wendy Williams Ex Husband Reveals All About Her Addiction As She Reportedly Relapses

Wendy Williams Ex Husband Reveals All About Her Addiction As She Reportedly Relapses
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As the Wendy Williams drama continues to unfold , her ex-husband, Bert Girigorie, is speaking up about the time he spent with the troubled talk show host back in the early 1990s. Just days after Williams reportedly relapsed and was taken to a hospital, Girigorie says that he is “at a loss” over his ex’s bizarre behavior.

Girgirorie started dating Williams in 1992 after they met when he was working at a New York radio station. They eventually married but called it quits in 1995. He says he had no idea at the time about Williams’ alleged drug use, but in hindsight, it explains a lot. Girgirorie says that things got strange immediately after they tied the knot.

“It was very bizarre. She just turned into a different person. I don’t know what was going on. I didn’t understand a lot of things that she did. I didn’t understand what her motivations were,” said Girgirorie.

He says it wasn’t long before they had a big blowout, and it caused their relationship to become “very strained.”

They were only married for one year, and Girigorie believes that they were doomed from the start. On their wedding day, he realized that the marriage wasn’t what he thought it was when Williams had a reporter from “some magazine” and a photographer ride in the limo with them from the church to the reception.

He found that to be “bizarre” because he felt it should have been a private moment.

Girigorie says that things got even weirder on their honeymoon in Rio when she insisted on spending a night out alone. He didn’t want her going out by herself because he was concerned for her safety, and he says it led to a huge fight. But, now, he thinks it is possible that Williams wanted to go out alone for a drug-related reason.

“I know she said she was doing drugs, but she kept that away from me,” Girigorie told Radar Online referring to Williams’ recent rehab reveal. “I assumed that she was, but I didn’t know anything about it. I know I was seeing strange behavior and behavior that I didn’t understand when I look back at it.”

Earlier this month, Williams talked about her past cocaine addiction on her show, saying “crack is wack” and she realized that she was a walking addict who was a mess. She said that she wasted a lot of her life burning her insides, and you never know when it will pop up.

She later confessed that she has been living in a sober house, but just a few days after the confession, she checked out of the facility, and her staff found her drunk. It was reportedly the news of her husband having a baby with his mistress that caused the relapse.

Despite all of the drama in her personal life the past few days, Wendy Williams hasn’t spoken about it on her talk show this week.


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