Wendy Williams Rants About Jennifer Lopez And Beyonce Being 'Robbed' Of An Oscar Nomination - 'They Are Jealous Of You!'

Wendy Williams Rants About Jennifer Lopez And Beyonce Being 'Robbed' Of An Oscar Nomination - 'They Are Jealous Of You!'
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Wendy Williams was rooting for Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez to walk home with Oscars but since neither made the cut for the nomination, she is quite upset about it! The talk show host discussed the situation on her show earlier today and she made it clear that, as far as she is concerned, the triple threats were truly snubbed and robbed of what they deserved by ‘jealous, bougie b****es!’

Not only that but Wendy even went as far as to suggest that J.Lo, should pull out of her Super Bowl gig after being snubbed during the award season.

After all, while she did not manage to get a nomination at the Oscars, Jennifer has already received nominations at other prestigious award shows, including Screen Actors Guild, Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards, all for her incredible acting job in Hustlers.

‘J.Lo was nominated for nothing… Alex [Rodriguez] is being blamed,’ Wendy started her rant before going on to joke that J.Lo.’s man was supposed to bribe those in charge.

The talk show host went on to add that ‘They robbed you purposely because they’re jealous of you. Do you know why they’re jealous? They’re jealous because I still don’t think they still consider you as an actress… Jen, they’re jealous of you and please don’t blame Alex! And, if I were you Jen, I’d pull out of the Super Bowl too. I wouldn’t leave the house. You want me to get up there and twerk at the Super Bowl, I couldn’t even get an Oscar nomination because these bougie b****es think that they’re better than me? Get out of here!’

Speaking from Jennifer’s perspective, she continued to say that she was more beautiful, with a successful and happy family life, kept it ‘tight and right’ and that everyone is jealous as they should!

Finally, Wendy mentioned that Beyonce was not nominated either and that they must be jealous of her as well – no doubt!


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