Kandi Burruss Has A New 'Speak On It' Episode About RHOA - See It Here

Kandi Burruss Has A New 'Speak On It' Episode About RHOA - See It Here
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss has fans excited after telling them that, as expected, she has a new Speak On It episode posted on her YouTube channel about the most recent RHOA episode that aired yesterday.

'Y’all know what time it is! Head to my Youtube #KandiOnline to see my #SpeakOnIt about tonight’s #RHOA episode! Don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the episode. 🗣' Kandi captioned her post on IG.

A fan is happy that Kandi is consistent and she keeps posting the Speak On It videos: 'It was good. You’ve been consistently delivering these to us. ♥️'

Someone said: 'Kenya is very toxic did you see her face when Dennis got on his knees or the fact she tried to ruin Cynthia’s engagement party or the fact that every time it’s time for Cynthia to talk she ruins the moment good, bad or indifferent and to top it off she always tries to make every moment about her..... narcissistic much???'

One follower said: 'Now Kandi...I love u but u know Porsha not going to try and fight a pregnant woman. U said Eva said the same thing as Yo Yo 😂 but Porsha didn't try to fight her.'

Someone else also shared their opinion on the episode and said: 'For a recording that Nene could stick up her ass, like Cynthia stated, have been talked about for way too long. You don’t care so why keep bringing it up. I think Cynthia attacks people who she knows is not going to go there with her. She didn’t talk to Kenya like that when she was talking to her all crazy at the Bailey-Que. And I feel like Kenya is just trying to insert herself because she doesn’t want nene and Cynthia being friends anymore.'

Here's Kandi's YouTube Video:

A YouTuber said: 'I was cracking up at the way they told Yovanna to get out the room when she came back from talking to NeNe😂 They will never film with her again lol.'

A commenter posted: 'I just really didn’t like Marlo in this episode for the way she was speaking to Cynthia!!! That was sooo unnecessary and they take her kindness for weakness!!'

One follower wrote: 'Yes, I would definitely want to know if anyone sees my husband doing anything! Even though he treats me like a queen, my past won’t let me underestimate him.'

Kandi made fans happy not too long ago with a precious photo featuring her mom, Mama Joyce, and Mariah Carey .


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