Wendy Williams Has Some Choice Words For Caitlyn Jenner After She Skipped Son Brody Jenner’s Wedding

Wendy Williams Has Some Choice Words For Caitlyn Jenner After She Skipped Son Brody Jenner’s Wedding
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Wendy Williams had some choice words for Caitlyn Jenner after she chose to skip son Brody Jenner's wedding.

The talk show host is inserting herself into the ongoing saga that is Brody and Caitlyn's fractured relationship. In true fashion, Williams spoke her mind, while addressing the subject in her "Hot Topics" section on The Wendy Williams Show Thursday. Side note it was also her 55th birthday episode.

"Caitlyn seems to be selfish and self-absorbed. I get it, Bruce waited all of his life to become Caitlyn, and he did it in front of all of us, and it was a teachable moment. But, there's no excuse for missing your child's wedding," Williams shared with her audience.

The daytime talk show rehashed what transpired to between father and son  before once again laying into Caitlyn.

"Caitlyn, save it that you didn't want to be distracting to the crowd. All of you Kardashian/Jenners are equally famous. People are over it. No one cares about taking pictures with you on Brody's wedding day. It's about him! Caitlyn, you're really not anything special anymore dear," Williams blasted.

Oh, snap, tell it like it is Wendy Williams. The woman has a way with words.

Since the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings , Brody has gotten candid about his dad Caitlyn. This past week while having a family dinner with his wife, Kaitlyn, his brother Brandon and mom Linda Thompson, the conversation turned to the I Am Cait star missing her son's wedding.

Viewers learned a week before the wedding for some unknown reason Caitlyn backed out of attending Brody and Kaitlyn's ceremony in Indonesia. It was a choice that hurt Brody, who made his feelings known during a confessional on the MTV show.

"Not having my dad at the wedding, it was a bummer. Honestly, it really did hurt, and I would have loved to have had her there. But she had better things to do. Apparently," Brody stated before making it clear his mom has always been the family rock.

Wendy Williams is on team Brody Jenner when it comes to Caitlyn Jenner missing his wedding. She blasted the famous Olympian on her show today. The talk show host did not mince words, and what she said to Caitlyn was true.

On the day her son was getting married, Caitlyn was posing for pictures with her girlfriend Sophia Hutchins in amfAR event in Austria. She certainly made her priority known that day, didn't she?


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  • Eugenia
    Eugenia Jul 19, 2019 5:05 PM PDT

    I agree with Wendy. There's no excuse for Caitlyn not to attend her son's wedding! That was just disappointing, disrespectful and hard. Help spread awareness to Chilhood Cancer! Spread the word. Help Alayna Fight Childhood Cancer! See GoFundMe Thank you for your support!

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