Remy Ma Looks Gorgeous In New Video Where She Reveals Why Papoose Cannot Stop Playing With Her Natural Hair

Remy Ma Looks Gorgeous In New Video Where She Reveals Why Papoose Cannot Stop Playing With Her Natural Hair
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Real natural hair matters, that is what Remy Ma is saying in her latest video. Papoose's wife took to social media and she shared a few clips where she is flaunting her thick, healthy, and long hair for the world to see.

The femcee used the caption to reveal that a talented hairstylist has been doing her magic and working miracles on her hair.

She also confessed that Papoose could not stop touching it and playing with it.

The new mother stated: "@HairByTashi has changed my life🥰 Everybody always bragging about “slaying” hair and “having inches,” but they be talking about wigs, frontals, closures, & units. Unfortunately, A LOT of hairstylists don’t take the time or don’t know how to take care of YOUR REAL hair. Allegedly, weaves & braids are SUPPOSED to be “protective styles” but UNDERNEATH them “inches” a lot of chicks be looking crazyyyy🤦🏽‍♀️I have been searching and FINALLY found someone to slay MY hair. Natural and chemical-free. NONE at all!!! Cut ALL my damaged hair, gave me some miracle-working treatment and some other stuff & NO LIE my hair FEELS amazing!! @papoosepapoose already loved it natural before and be hyped when I’m in the house with no wig on, Nowww tho- I May have to cut his fingers off so he can stop playing in it💋@HairByTashi didn’t ask me to post her and was so professional but I know there are people out there like me that have been looking for her talent (yes TALENT, cuz I’m still in awe as to how she got my OD thick Afro puff this silky😏) #HealthyHairChallenge #YouDontHaveInchesIfFiveOfThemAreSplitAndDamagedPooh. 🙄 #RemyMa"

One fan said no wonder her baby daughter has so much hair: "No wonder why your daughter's hair is sooo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @remyma Remy with the excellent hair to blutclot 😂😘."

Another supporter stated: "Yes, talk about it! Girls never want to cut their DEAD ends off, and they wonder why their hair keeps breaking off or “won’t grow.” CUT THOSE ENDS, LADIES !! Your hair is so healthy!"

This backer claimed: "Women, especially People of Colour, should stop trying to be something their not I dislike women who wear a lot of Wigs back in the day Women we’re more Natural."

Remy is living her best life despite the court drama.

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