Wendy Williams Confused Kanye West Let Daughter North Rock A Nose Ring After Banning Makeup!

Wendy Williams Confused Kanye West Let Daughter North Rock A Nose Ring After Banning Makeup!
Credit: Source: dailymail.co.uk

North West showed up at Sunday service wearing a fake nose ring and Wendy Williams is very confused! More precisely, what confuses the talk show host is her dad, Kanye West’s parenting style!

During her latest show’s Hot Topics segment, Wendy wondered why the rapper would allow his 6 year old daughter to rock a septum ring, especially at Sunday service.

The confusion comes from the fact that the oldest of Kimye’s children is not allowed by her dad to wear any makeup and yet, the nose ring somehow seems more inappropriate for her age so what was Kanye thinking?

‘He doesn’t want his daughter wearing makeup, but she can wear a full-on nose ring? So, where are we going with this?’ Wendy asked during the segment, obviously confused as she showed her audience pics of the child looking very fashionable and stylish.

When it comes to jewelry, it’s become apparent that North is a really big fan of septum piercings since this was not even the first time she rocked one!

The little girl showed up with a fake nose ring at her great-grandmother MJ’s 85th birthday party as well!

At the time, to make sure that no social media outrage would happen, Kim assured everyone that she hadn’t actually gotten her septum pierced, writing: ‘Fake nose ring alert!!!’ alongside a pic from the bash.

Furthermore, in September, Kim revealed while at NYFW that Kanye had banned North from wearing any makeup until she becomes a teen.

She told E! News that ‘I think he'd had it and he changed all the rules. I would just let her wear a little red on Christmas, I would let her do a red lip... I would let her do a pop of something. I would let her... if she is wearing a black dress, wear a black lip. So, I sort of got in trouble for it. So, now, it's no more makeup.’


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