Wendy Williams Asks Kim Kardashian To Help Release ASAP Rocky From Swedish Jail

Wendy Williams Asks Kim Kardashian To Help Release ASAP Rocky From Swedish Jail
Credit: Source: balleralert.com

Ever since ASAP Rocky was detained by the Swedish authorities on accusations of assault, many celebrities have been demanding for the rapper to be released. That being said, it sounds like Wendy Williams is joining that group of celebs trying to help him via none other than Kris Jenner and Kanye West!

Well, in fact, she is trying to reach Kim Kardashian, who is known for greatly contributing to the release of a couple of people unfairly arrested.

And what better way to reach Kim than through her mom and husband who so happen to be Wendy’s friends as well?

The rapper has been behind bars in Sweden for the past two weeks and the talk show host believes Kim is the one who can really help him at this point.

Wendy thinks that Kim’s involvement in prison reform, as well as her relationship with Donald Trump, might be just what Rocky needs to return home.

‘I think this is something Kim should get involved in, and I’ll tell you why. Kim’s involvement with the law right now, and this would be a big feather in her cap if she can make this happen,’ Wendy started to explain on her show.

She went on: ‘I do not think that she should be the main person, but just get in touch with a law firm… and they need to handle this and Kim needs to be in the shadows, making it happen quietly. Or, she could go to the white house and try figure something out.. and Kanye, please ask your wife to make it happen. Kim, if you are watching, Kris call Kim! I think that she should get involved with this.’


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