Video Evidence Might Lead To Apprehension of Mo3 Killing Suspect

Video Evidence Might Lead To Apprehension of Mo3 Killing Suspect
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A new report from Hot New Hip Hop says Mo3 was shot and murdered after men stalked and chased him this past week. The outlet reported that the performing artist was on his way out of his friend's place when he noticed someone was trailing him.

While driving, the rapper phoned his manager and then tried to shake the car off his tail but wound up crashing before running away on foot. The man got out of his own car and ran after him, shooting the rapper in the back as he tried to run away.

Thus far, it's not clear who killed Mo3, but new video evidence may have shown the identity of the killer. Hot New Hip Hop says that new pictures have been released which purport to show a masked person chasing Mo3 through traffic.

The photographs were captured by surveillance systems that were then picked up on by the authorities who are now looking into what happened to the up and coming rapper. The Dallas Police Department released the photographs which reportedly show the suspect driving a 2014 or 2015 Chevrolet Camaro.

The police have begun asking the public if they know anyone who is connected to the vehicle. Unfortunately, the gun violence surrounding the rapper has continued, including at a vigil that was held for Mo3 in his hometown.

Boosie Badazz was shot in the leg during his visit and then had to get two surgeries. Boosie is now in the hospital where he is slowly recovering and grieving over the loss of his friend and collaborator.

Earlier this month, Badazz commented on the lifestyle of the average rapper, arguing that it just might be the most dangerous job a person can have. Badazz explained how nightclubs were particularly dangerous, especially if the artist has been paid large sums of money to be there.


Boosie said in a new interview that he loved going out, but he might lay low for the next little while, especially away from nightlife venues. This all comes after King Von, 26, was shot and killed as well.

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