Tiny Harris Reveals What Was Going Through Her Mind When She Filed For Divorce From T.I.

Tiny Harris Reveals What Was Going Through Her Mind When She Filed For Divorce From T.I.
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For months, fans were convinced that Tiny Harris and her husband, T.I, were going to call off their marriage. It seemed like rumors of their split were in the headlines on a regular basis, and as it turned out, Tiny really did consider it.

The star said in a new interview with VladTV that she did file the divorce papers. Harris shared her experiences with T.I, her failed Xscape reunion, in addition to the fights she had with her band members among other problems.

Tiny also shared what it was like to have a stillborn child with T.I, which she described as one of the saddest moments of her life thus far. As it was previously reported, just a couple of years ago, it seriously looked like T.I. and Tiny were going to break up.

During her chat with VladTV, Tiny explained her emotional state at the time, and why she chose to file for divorce. Tiny said the whole thing was "pretty stressful," and she was going through a lot at the time. Perhaps the worst part about it is that everything goes public once you separate.

Tiny explained how she and her husband, T.I, wanted to handle things privately but it's nearly impossible to do when you're dealing with a celebrity couple, especially when both of them are famous. She said the addition of fame made things a lot more difficult.

Harris went on to say that she and T.I. decided the process might've been just too much to go through, and maybe they could stick it out. She and her man realized what was important, and they understood just how intense the separation was going to be.


They asked each other whether it was really worth it to keep fighting? More importantly, the thought of splitting and the subsequent - and inevitable drama - scared them back together again. Tiny also explained how the birth of their daughter put a lot of pressure on both of them, and when she gave birth to Major, she was dealing with a lot of post-partum depression.

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