Shay Mitchell Reveals She Suffered From Post-Partum Depression

Shay Mitchell Reveals She Suffered From Post-Partum Depression
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Shay Mitchell, the Pretty Little Liars alum, recently dished on the additional struggles she endured during her pregnancy. In addition to suffering from several miscarriages, the small-screen star explained that she endured "severe" post-partum depression near the start of her pregnancy.

Shay stated that it's of paramount importance to her to have more of an honest discussion about post-partum depression, not only for her own self-expression but also for the sake of showing other women that it's ok to feel bad.

The Almost Ready star, 32, explained to reporters from Hatchland on the 3rd of October, that she had always heard about what it was like to suffer from post-partum depression, but never really understood the severity and emotional impact of it until she experienced it herself.

"To be depressed at the beginning came as a shock," Mitchell began, adding, "the isolation and anxiety I experienced was crippling," Shay stated the experience was quite isolating because no one ever told her about it.

Thankfully, she took comfort in the experiences shared by other women, many of which explained that such feelings are really quite "normal." As it was previously reported, Shay was six-months-pregnant when she and her man, Matte Babelm announced they were having their first child.

According to Mitchell, she's normally the type of person who's quite gregarious and "outgoing," however, during her pregnancy, she just wanted to stay at home and be alone. "I was extremely lonely," the actress remarked.

While the experience was quite difficult for Shay, the actress claims she took a lot of comfort in sharing her story with the world, including the support received from other women online. Shay explained that being able to tell her story was crucial in the healing process, and she was finally able to begin enjoying pregnancy.

Shay is now sharing every detail of her pregnancy experience on her YouTube production, Almost Ready . In prior episodes, Shay showed off her gender reveal party as well as the baby shower she hosted in a strip club.

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