Kathie Lee Gifford Wants To Find A New Man But She's Not Interested In 'Dating Apps'

Kathie Lee Gifford Wants To Find A New Man But She's Not Interested In 'Dating Apps'
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Kathie Lee Gifford is interested in dating again, but she doesn't want to hop on any of the dating applications, whether it be Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, or any of the others. Gifford, whose husband died in 2015, admitted 2020 was a tough one for her, like for many others.

During a conversation with Jill Martin on Holiday Steals and Deals, Gifford explained how she was currently single and a lot of people tend to ask her if she is still "looking for love." Gifford said she couldn't look for it directly, it has to come naturally, and without going on the "dating websites."

As for how she met her former husband, Kathie said she and Frank met while at Good Morning America around 4:00 am. She said she looked over at Frank and noticed he had the "best set of buns" she had ever seen in her life.


The way they met was serendipitous, Kathie suggested, and it was "supposed to be that way." She said she wanted to find a similar thing in the future. Kathie wants it to be natural, authentic, and genuine, not contrived. As for what her kids have been up to lately, Cassidy and Cody, the star said they're moving to Nashville.

Kathie joked that she could hardly even believe it because she didn't want to interfere in their lives, but they wound up moving to where she is. Regarding her tough year this past year, Gifford claimed both of her parents had died.

She lost her husband and some of her friends in the past few years, and Regis died in 2020 as well. Kathie went on to say that if she just concentrated on all of the losses she had in the last little while, she would cry.

Focusing on the loss would stop her from being able to enjoy what's good about life, including her "beautiful, cozy blanket," and her glass of wine" and "slippers."


The star went on to refer to other comforts and luxuries, including "heat" in her home and the health of her immediate family. All of these things would be impossible to see if she was only worried about losses.

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