Boosie Badazz Says Being A Rapper Is The Most 'Dangerous Job' Of All

Boosie Badazz Says Being A Rapper Is The Most 'Dangerous Job' Of All
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2020 has been a tough time for many people around the world, and for more reasons than one. For instance, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of problems, financial and personal, and celebrities and performers are well aware of this too.

Rappers, actors, musicians, and other performing artists have had to shut down tours and productions because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it didn't help when a few rising stars in hip-hop were killed this year.

In case you missed it, King Von was shot and killed earlier this month outside of a hookah lounge in Atlanta. Additionally, a close friend and collaborator of Badazz, Mo3, was also killed, and Badazz was even shot at while he was paying respects to him in the city.

During a new conversation with VladTV, a frequent platform of choice for Boosie , the rapper said he was going to "slow down" because too much has been going on in the rap world lately. The rapper said that "after that s**t with Von," he has to take a break.

Boosie went on to say that everyone in the community knows he's just about making money and has no interest in fighting with other people. Boosie claimed he isn't in the game to "harm nobody," he just wants to enjoy himself without a problem.

The rapper admitted that maybe it was time for him to stop going out as much to the clubs. According to Badazz, he's been very good at keeping himself safe in the streets for the last sixteen years of his life, however, he noted how dangerous the job is.

Boosie said "we got the most dangerous job as rappers," before going on to say that every night they go out and there's a chance someone might kill them. Not only could the police do it or another gang, but it could even be from a "crazy fan."


Badazz said it's especially dangerous when you go to nightclubs for thousands of dollars and the "opps" know about it. He and his team have to be ready no matter where they go.

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