Usher Calls Nicki Minaj A ‘Product’ Of Lil' Kim And Fans Are Fuming!

Usher Calls Nicki Minaj A ‘Product’ Of Lil' Kim And Fans Are Fuming!
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Did Usher throw shade at none other than Nicki Minaj? While discussing any possible Verzuz battles with Swizz Beatz, he was not at all on board with a potential one between Nicki and Lil’ Kim!

While that would not be a problem in itself, his explanation as to why he thought that was what ultimately angered Nicki’s fans!

Usher and producer Swizz Beatz were having a chat on Instagram Live about, among other topics, Verzuz battles that fans have really been wanting to see.

Swizz mentioned that ‘I see a lot of, Lil’ Kim versus Foxy Brown. Then I see a lot of — Lil’ Kim versus Nicki? I see a lot of that.’

Usher did not hesitate to respond with: ‘Nah, Nicki is a product of Kim.’ Yikes!

This really sounds like he was calling Minaj unoriginal!

As you can imagine, this is also how her fans took it – as a diss – so they were quick to defend their idol.

At the same time, however, there were also some people who realized that what he was actually talking about was that the two female emcees come from different generations in the Hip Hop industry.

As you might know, Lil’ Kim reached fame and revolutionized female rap in the 90s while Nicki Minaj only got her name out there more than a decade after!

‘You already trending on Twitter right now, by the way,’ Swizz said while still on Live, adding: ‘This is the Verzuz effect, king. I see you trending on Twitter! This is special, this is fun.’

Here are a couple of the tweets that started pouring in so quickly after Usher made that comment: ‘Barbz refuse to admit there would be no Nicki Minaj without Lil Kim. Even I can admit there would be no The Weeknd and Bruno Mars without Michael Jackson. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! RESPECT YOUR ELDERS AND THE LEGENDS THAT CAME BEFORE YOUR FAV!’ / ‘comparing lil kim to nicki at this point is disrespectful. last time i checked nicki was #1 on billboard. nicki queen of rap.’

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