Tucker Carlson's Guest Victor Davis Hanson Claims Jay-Z And Other Rappers Promote Anti-Semitism

Tucker Carlson's Guest Victor Davis Hanson Claims Jay-Z And Other Rappers Promote Anti-Semitism
Credit: Source: EW.com

Mr. Tucker Carlson is often in the news for less than positive reasons. Not only is he a journalist and host himself, but fellow commentators and media journalists love to take shots at him, and this latest report is no different.

According to a report from The Wrap, Tucker Carlson had on his show professor Victor Davis Hanson from the Hoover Institute, and the two talked about some of the more culturally insidious elements of rap music, including the supposedly anti-semitic sentiments from artists like Ice Cube, Jay-Z, and the film, Scarface.

Among the alleged anti-Semitic misgivings of rap music's biggest stars, Victor Davis Hanson pointed to Mr. Lebron James, a "national icon," who made some anti-Jewish remarks back in December of 2018. Later on, James actually had to apologize.

According to Victor Davis Hanson, there are more examples of bigotry, especially against working class white-Americans, than ever before, including the strange tweets from Sarah Jeong at the New York Times, as well as Marc Caputo from Politico.

Furthermore, Victor Davis Hanson spoke on the alleged atrocities committed by Democratic organizations, figures, and institutions, including the lawsuit against Harvard University from Asian Americans as well as all of the "things white people ruined in 2017" - an article from BuzzFeed.

As a consequence of Hansen's hardly-inflammatory rhetoric, organizations like Media Matters have stated that Carlson's guests and his regular political opinions are offensive in some way, for some reason.

However, Tucker has revealed that he has no intention to moderate his content, facing off against the alleged sponsors who have backed off of his program due to what has been described as controversial talking points and political opinions.

The Wrap claims Tucker has accused high-earning women of creating social ills, but there's no doubt that such media publications have merely misconstrued a nuanced point he has made.

While many left-leaning pundits dislike Tucker Carlson, Jane Coaston from Vox has pointed out the way in which Tucker has questioned free markets, the United States financial system, as well as the "ruling class" in America.


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