Rappers Common And Nelly Give Their Take On Travis Scott's Superbowl Performance

Rappers Common And Nelly Give Their Take On Travis Scott's Superbowl Performance
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Common is quite outspoken these days. The last time we heard from the rapper, was when he said there was never any reason for a person to wear blackface ever, including on film sets. According to a report from Fox News, Common isn't happy that fellow rapper Travis Scott has chosen to perform at this year's Superbowl ceremony.

The rapper will appear at the Superbowl in February alongside Maroon 5 and Big Boi. And thus far, a few famous people are not happy about it. As it was previously reported, Cardi B and Rihanna both announced they wouldn't perform at the show for political reasons, mostly related to Colin Kaepernick and the NFL's treatment of him.

The American Gangster alum said to reporters from TMZ yesterday, Wednesday, January 16th, that he doesn't support the NFL, because they "don't support black people." The star said insinuated the NFL doesn't support people who are shot by police due to racist motivations.

Common accused the organization of essentially blackballing Colin, and according to the rapper, they've shown their true colors regarding the plight of African-Americans. He said he respects the NFL players, but not the owners.

While Colin Kaepernick didn't sign off on Travis Scott performing at the Superbowl, they supposedly remain cordial with each other, for the most part. Common added, "I love Travis Scott," and thinks he's a great kid, but he doesn't want to support "that stuff."

Furthermore, the rapper said he supports Rihanna and respects her decision not to perform at the halftime show as well. While Common never said anything negative about Travis, who hails from Houston, Texas, his comments seem to hold somewhat of a passive-aggressive context.

Formerly, it was revealed that Rihanna and Cardi B had said "no" to the Super Bowl halftime show in solidarity with Kaepernick as well as Black Lives Matter. Moreover, reports have it that Jay-Z also tried to encourage Travis not to perform there.

Nelly, who has performed at the Superbowl halftime show twice, looks at the situation quite a bit different reports Fox News. He claims it's all phony, hypocritical, and pointless.

According to Nelly, the teams make money through regular Sunday games, rather than through the halftime show. If people were really serious about making a stand against the NFL, they would stop watching and going to the games.

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