Tristan Thompson Has Found A New Reason To Make Khloe Kardashian Cry -- Baby True

Tristan Thompson Has Found A New Reason To Make Khloe Kardashian Cry -- Baby True
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To put it mildly, the split between Khloe Kardashian and her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, was not amicable.

A source spoke to People magazine and explained that after Khloe finally found the courage to dump Tristan after he was caught kissing Jordyn Woods; the pain and suffering kicked in.

However, Khloe is not crying because she misses her cheating ex; her life is in shambles because Tristan does not care about her baby girl, True.

Khloe is discovering that Tristan has cut ties both with her and their young daughter and there is little she can do about it.

Tristan's decision to erase True from his single and party life is hurting Khloe to the core.

A source close to the reality star told Hollywood Life : “Khloe Kardashian is still extremely hurt by Tristan’s behavior as a whole. Between having no interest in seeing True and his lack of respect towards her, she has zero intentions of reaching out to him on his birthday. At this point, she’s not interested in a conversation. Khloe feels Tristan has shown her nothing but disrespect, and though she wishes him no ill will, she has no plans of reaching out. Tristan is busy traveling with his team this week, the Cleveland Cavs, and Khloe is in LA, so it’s not like they will even be in the same city, leaving very little chance of them being able to see one another anyways. She’s busy doing her own thing and being around people who bring her up and not down. She’s amazed at how much love everyone has shown her.”

Another person claimed that Tristan is aware that he does not have it in him to raise a baby and grateful that Khloe is doing all the heavy lifting: “Tristan appreciates Khloe can give True or more stable home, close to family, so he is fine with her having custody of their baby. He knows how much True means to Khloe, and what a great mom she is to their daughter, so he will agree to whatever Khloe wants to do. Tristan does not plan to put up a fight with Khloe over custody of True.”

Tristan likes to live his best life.


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  • Judu
    Judu Mar 16, 2019 12:16 AM PDT

    Khole is a nag. Self center She Knows this man is would. Be a woman. Raise your child like Jordan. Stop the hell with your nagging. White women think they are so beautiful man can't look at any thing but them. Get some one your age 35 or older. Tristan needs to be free. You got True now you take care of her. Tristan can't cry baby

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