Trevor Noah Breaks The Internet With 'New Tape Saga Story' As He Covers The Hollywood Reporter

Trevor Noah Breaks The Internet With 'New Tape Saga Story' As He Covers The Hollywood Reporter
Credit: Source: Trevor Noah/Instagram

Trevor Noah may be covering the Hollywood Reporter, but he's going viral for something else. Those who are familiar with the host of the Daily Show's sense of humor shouldn't be surprised that his impromptu skit has set Instagram in hysterics. While waiting for a new piece of tape to attach his microphone, before his interview with THR, Trevor Noah broke into a little skit and the video has everyone laughing.

Some have dubbed it the "New Tape Saga."

In the video, Trevor is sitting in a chair wearing a camel colored, long-sleeve shirt and he's supposed to tape the microphone to his chest so it is out of view but will pick up the sound as he speaks.

The tape is dull and the microphone won't stick so Trevor announces he needs a new piece of tape.

As the room clears out to retrieve the tape, Trevor breaks into his skit speaking as if there is no new tape left in the world. It appears that Trevor didn't know what he was saying was being recorded, but the Hollywood Reporter had caught it all.

The video has gone viral and has over 500,000 views and more than 100,000 likes. Trevor captioned the video with the following.

"This is amazing. I didn't know they were recording.😂😂😂😂 🎥: @hollywoodreporter."

You can watch the hilarious video with Trevor Noah and the "New Tape Saga" in the video player below.

Trevor also showed the cover picture he shot for the Hollywood Reporter on his Instagram. The article is going viral and is titled, "From Pain and Tragedy to Global Empire: How Trevor Noah Became the Busiest Man in Comedy."

Trevor said that he was both excited and honored to cover the magazine. Comedy Central responded to the photo and referred to the picture with the telephones and said they prefer to use text.

The Hollywood Reporter is right that Trevor Noah is a busy man. He not only hosts The Daily Show but he also writes and executive produces the show. When he's not working on The Daily Show , Trevor Noah can be found busy with other projects.

He currently executively produces the Comedy Central show Klepper  and is set to star in the activist film Haiti Pogrom . What do you think of Trevor Noah's "New Tape Saga" story?

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