To Set The Record Straight, Trevor Noah Stated That He And Kanye West Are On Good Terms

To Set The Record Straight, Trevor Noah Stated That He And Kanye West Are On Good Terms
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The presenter of The Daily Show responded to a viewer who questioned the rumored fight between him and Kanye West by saying, "Why am I beefing with Kanye?" This is an intriguing way to say it because there must be contention on both sides for there to be beef.

He said, "Genuinely, it does," in the video that was shared on the show's official TikTok account. My limited knowledge of the world has led me to believe that beef has always been something that often occurs between two hip-hop musicians. I have never gotten into a fight with Kanye West. However, kanye West was a source of concern for me.

Noah, 38, really criticized individuals close to the rapper-turned-designer, 45, for failing to see the possibility of experiencing a mental health episode while he was in the thick of it.

If someone claims to have a mental health problem and tells me and others that they lose control when they don't take their pills, everyone overlooks them when they're having an episode.

They haven't taken their prescription, and then they're elevated to a position of prominence, I'm going to have to wonder if they're telling the truth. To tell you the truth, he admitted, there are moments when he considers it a bit seedy.

He also attacked people who were providing him a platform to say anything he wanted to say, stating, "What I have beef with is us as a community not getting around the individual and going like, Hey, maybe now is not the time to put a microphone in your face so that you can just go off saying whatever."

He continued by saying, "I still adore him despite the s–t that he talks," even though he is aware of Ye's ability to be an a-hole and is also concerned that Ye would engage in behavior that would be harmful to himself.

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