Halsey Puts Her Armpit Hair On Display For Magazine Cover And The Internet Freaks Out!

Halsey Puts Her Armpit Hair On Display For Magazine Cover And The Internet Freaks Out!
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Halsey is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for what is right regardless of how much backlash her actions could be getting her. The singer, who is known for always playing by her rules already, posed for the cover of Rolling Stone with her slightly hairy armpits exposed!

It was a great opportunity for the artist to show off her natural beauty since she was also not wearing much makeup either!

As for her controversial choice of showing hairy armpits, she only showed a few days’ worth of stubble but people were still outraged, many calling it ‘disgusting.’

But the 24-year-old made sure to post the cover photo on her Instagram page earlier today, obviously proud of gracing the Hot Issue for the first time.

In response, followers wrote things like: ‘PLEASE NO.’ / ‘Why the armpit hair?’ / ‘The hairy armpits are a bit much.’

Of course, the positive comments were many: ‘No photoshopped armpits!! hell yes.’ / ‘here for this armpit hair ⚡️.’ /  ‘don’t understand people making a fuss about armpit hair when it is just stubble. This how NORMAL armpit look like.’

And fans continued to applaud Halsey for her choice and making it very clear they were disappointed others were ‘letting her know’ she had armpit hair showing or telling her to shave.

One user had a very strong point of view as well, letting the haters have it: ‘Have you guys ever seen a woman? Our armpits are not all smooth and it’s something normal! The funniest thing is that 90% of these comments are written by men who have absolutely nothing to say about what a woman should do to her body, the other 10% who are women makes me actually very sad.’

What they wanted to say was that women should support one another no matter what instead of shaming each other for something natural and normal.

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