Travis Scott Injured During Rolling Loud Festival Performance

Travis Scott Injured During Rolling Loud Festival Performance
Credit: Source MME

Travis Scott was injured while performing at the Rolling Loud Festival on Saturday night. TMZ is reporting the rapper took a nasty fall that has hurt his knee severely.

The website shared that Scott was in the middle of giving a stellar performance of 'Butterfly Effect' at Citi Field in Queens when things went awry. He jumped up at one point during the song but unfortunately landed wrong on his right knee. Scott immediately tumbled to the ground.

Although he was clearly injured and reportedly could barely move on stage, the performance did not stop. Nope, in true professional fashion, Scott finished his set despite the immense amount of pain he was feeling.

The rapper stayed in one spot as his crew jumped on stage to check him out before letting the show continue. Scott informed the audience he thought he might have broken his knee, but he was not stopping the show.

"I ain't gon' lie, I think I just, like, broke my knee just now. This show cannot stop. So middle fingers to the sky. Lets rage," the 28-year-old expressed to the festival-goers.

Video footage of the fall, as well as the rest of his performance, has flooded social media. Scott stayed in the same spot he fell to finish his set. He did not disappoint fans despite the extreme amount of pain he must have felt.

There has not been an update from the rapper or his team regarding Scott's condition. He has a couple of upcoming concerts scheduled in Houston and Las Vegas. At this time, it is unclear if his injury or not will impact those November dates.

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Scott, who is taking a break from baby mama Kylie Jenner. The two split after two years of dating.

Since news broke, he has been focused on spending time with Stormi and creating a healthy co-parenting relationship with Jenner. The Kylie Cosmetics founder has not yet commented on Scott's injury.

Rapper Travis Scott is recovering from a severe knee injury he sustained while performing at the Rolling Loud Festival this weekend. As fans wait for an update on the extent that he hurt his knee, Scott thought it was broken during the show, they have been sending him good vibes and well wishes.

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