Toya Wright Shares New Pic & Video With Baby Reign Rushing And Fans Are In Awe

Toya Wright Shares New Pic & Video With Baby Reign Rushing And Fans Are In Awe
Credit: BET

Toya Wright shared a new photo and footage of baby Reign Rushing and fans are here for it. They have been asking her for a while now to post something new about Reign, and they finally got their wish.

Fans are shocked to see how quickly Reigny is growing up.

'I love the way she talks. #socute' Toya captioned her post on social media.

A follower said: '@_beautifulrose lol I thought she was Richie for a quick sec. @toyawright she sounds adorable as she is😻'

Another commenter wrote: 'Well Alrighty Little Momma Is Moving Out The Way For Her Brother Or Sister🤔 Adorably Cuuute Life Doesn't Wait Everyday It's Moving God Bless.'

A fan posted: 'Love it!!!! This is a reminder that a child’s first teacher is their parent. Early listening and speaking leads to strong readers and writers. #ItBeginswithYou.'

Somoene else said, 'Those lashes!!!!! Start a lash line and mimic hers! Called them Reign!'

One of Toya's followers wrote: 'But she said hi daddy 1st. these babies don’t realize who carried them in the womb. Daddy is always first.'

A person admired Reigny's lashes and said: 'Her lashes are so long and thick!!! Meanwhile, I have to put fake ones on.'

One commenter wrote: 'sis was about to say no she was not a good girl today, but she had to think about it🤣❤️'

A fan posted: 'She is growing so fast aww Reign stop growing her voice is the sweetest 😍'

Not too long ago, Toya revealed for her fans her latest obsession and they are completely supporting her.

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