Khloe Kardashian Shares Her True Feelings About Tristan Thompson After The Many Cheating Scandals And Fans Are Shocked

Khloe Kardashian Shares Her True Feelings About Tristan Thompson After The Many Cheating Scandals And Fans Are Shocked
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Many have wondered, does Khloe Kardashian hate ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson after he was caught cheating on multiple occasions, (days before she gave birth to baby True and most recently with Jordyn Woods).

This week, the reality TV star decided to open up about it. Via Instagram, a fan of Khloe, posted this comment: “I know Khloé hates Tristan but Baby True starting to look just like him.”

Khloe decided to respond by writing: “Why would I ever hate anyone who helped create such an angel? People make mistakes, but I won’t hurt my own healing by holding on to hate.”

One follower said: “She mad Jordyn more than him. She will be back with him before Christmas.“

Another commenter had this reaction: “Is it ‘true’ that baby’s come out looking like who the mom was mad at?”

Khloe recently made headlines for posting a new video explaining parts of her makeup routine, and she talked in detail about some aspects of her process.

The video had a strong focus on contouring, in particular, something which the entire Kardashian family seems to be quite fond of.

And while explaining some of her tricks, Khloe also admitted that she would often get that part of her makeup wrong, only to shock herself when she saw how she looked in reality.

Viewers were also treated to a tutorial covering the contouring of her jawline.

She explained that having a baby can contribute a lot to a person’s negative image of themselves, especially with regards to their face, which can often feel very oversized.

The video also shows occasional glimpses of little True. The baby daughter of Khloe, who can be seen running around in the middle of her mother’s explanations.

She also recalled how people were initially critical of her decision to keep her long nails after having a child.

However, she pointed out that she had no trouble taking care of herself with her long nails, and she definitely did not see the extra challenge in keeping her baby in check.

She joked that she has had long nails for a century at this point, and did not seem to understand what the big fuss was about.

It does not seem like these comments have gone down in frequency, though, as some people still love to discuss her choice of nails style.

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