Toya Wright Reveals Her Latest Obsession And People Support Her

Toya Wright Reveals Her Latest Obsession And People Support Her
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Toya Wright told her fans which is her latest obsession in an Instagram post. Check out her message to her IG followers below.

'This is what I’m on 24/7. 🙏🏽' Toya captioned her post.

Someone told Toya: 'Amen to that ...Fall in love with taking care of yourself 🙌🏽'

Another follower said: 'Wish Everyone had the same mental. Life would be Great. No hating. #33'

One fan posted: 'And that’s on that period.. too blessed to be stressed boo 🙌🏾'

Someone had one other kind of message for Toya: 'No Hate, just Beware of self idolizing which can lead to idolatry, a sin. The only form of “obsession “ should be towards Christ! Our living Savior.'

A fan wrote: 'Yes ma'am ❤️ God is ordering your steps. And blessings on blessings are already manifesting 🙏🏽❤'

One person posted: 'Humanitarianism is the way to go! Learn more about the plight of refugees and victims of conflict in Africa @chasing_exile . Be aware and then raise someone else’s consciousness. @chasing_exile 🔥'

Another follower said: '💜 “You’ll know when you found the right one bcz it won’t be so much about how you feel about them’ll be how they make you feel about yourself...”'

Speaking about 'the right one' fans have been insisting that Toya marries Robert Rushing already.

He recently  shared a photo of himself and his lady Toya Wright using the age filter and fans are laughing their hearts out.

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